Social Security Numbers and Identity Theft

Every person has his or her unique social security number, that is, it is impossible that two persons would own the same number. When a person steals another person’s personal details, including social security numbers, and uses the same to defraud the owner of the social number for personal and monetary gains, then such an act is deemed to be an identity theft. Such identity theft is constantly on the rise in all countries and if you had kept track of the current market news, then you would have seen that many people were left bankrupt or left in huge debts that they were not aware of; simply because someone else stole their identity along with the social security numbers.

If a criminal has stolen your identity, then the least of all problems that you need to worry is losing some money online. The worse that such criminals can do is, use your details to conduct illicit or illegal online transactions with a foreign country. This would actually lead to you being kept in custody and questioned for days at a stretch until they figure out the identity theft that had taken place. Some criminals strike it closer to home when they use other’s social security numbers, take their money and leave them bankrupt!

It is proven that each year, close to five billion dollars are lost due to identity theft. Understanding the intensity of this particular problem, the United States Government has made identity theft a very serious federal crime. Unless you are authorized by law, you cannot, at any given point of time, use social security numbers that are not yours.

When it comes to identity theft, there is more than just one way for criminals to go about it. They could steal your purse or your wallet in which you carry bank cards, driver’s license and your social card. At times, your mail box can actually give the much needed information to such criminals if they had to get their hands on your bank statement or even on your credit card bills. All in all, the criminals just have different methods to get what they want.

If you lose your wallet or your purse and if it contains any or all of the above mentioned cards then you would have to take the responsibility to inform the necessary authorities and the banks at the same time to avoid loss or charges causes by the thief since he or she may use your identity to commit some crimes.

There are times when you could also discard some important documents in the trash without shredding them. Such an act could also lead the criminals to steal social security numbers and steal your identity easily. Thus, as identity theft is such common and could cause you a lot of trouble and loss, you’d better protect your social security number as well as other personal information.

Should You Do People Search via the Social Networks?

Statistics show that over 50% of all internet users use actively at least one of the popular social networks. Facebook still enjoys the greatest popularity with Google+, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Pinterest following close behind. Given that there are so many people who have profiles on these networks, it is natural to ask yourself whether you should use them to do people search. Find out how this can be done and consider the benefits and drawbacks of this option.

How It Works

The purpose of the social networks is to help you keep in touch with as many people as possible. That is why people search is one of their main functions. You can search for people based on name, email address, location and even the company which they work for. These are just some of the main search options.

In order to perform the search via the respective network, you are required to have a profile in it. The profile gives you the opportunity to contact the person directly as well. Still, there is another method for people search that you can use as well. You can type the name of the person in the search bar of one of the search engines and their profile or profiles will appear in the search results. If they are public, you will be able to view them without signing up with the respective network or networks.


The benefits of performing people search via the social networks are:

– Fast results – The person’s profile will be generated in seconds.

– Access to plenty of details – You can learn about the person’s family, friends, job, interests, hobbies and more.

– Up-to-date information – Most people update their profiles on a daily basis so you can be certain that the details which you find are relevant. This is quite valuable when it comes to contact details, marital status and employment.

– You can contact the person straight away via the social network – There is no need to write them an email or give them a call.


The drawbacks of this search option are:

– There is a good chance that the person, who you are looking for, does not have a social network profile – That way, the search will be useless. You should know that many people have deleted their accounts due to privacy issues.

– Your search might produce inaccurate results – The chance of this is high if the name is commonly found and if the profile that you have found does not have the person’s picture for verification of their identity.

– You may come across a fake profile – This is possible if you are searching for someone who you have met online and who tries to swindle you.

You can now decide whether to do people search via the social networks.

Criminal Records are not difficult to Detect

Are you a prospective employee seeking jobs? If you are, and you are not getting any offers from employers, have you wondered why? Your résumé is perfect, your language and style is excellent, but you find yourself rejected everywhere. Now, can that be all about the old tax violation that once got you arrested? But, you might protest, that was a misunderstanding, and you were let go of! Yes, you probably were, but when you are arrested, it automatically reflects against your name, and criminal records are hard to clean up.
How do you detect criminal records?
One of the easiest methods to detect any criminal activity or arrest record to your name is by simply going to any private investigator. All you have to do is to pay him and he will be able to give you a detailed report about your activities. From tax evasions, to traffic violations, to your personal details, like who you are involved with, what kind of recreations you like, and other details, a private investigator can find out everything about you. So be very careful about what you say to your employer, and make sure your statement matches your actions.
There are also employers who do not do all that. They simply check your background with the aid of any background check portals which can give out your identification, arrest or criminal records, and all the details of your past. There are public database where your details are registered and recorded, and you cannot change them to suit you. They speak in black and white details about your background and any records of arrest or such in your past. They are pretty conclusive and unbiased, so you can see for yourself if you have had a criminal background.
How to Override the Records?
Of course, although you might have background records, you also will have some form of defence against it too. Now how do you override your records? The best way to make sure you are not misunderstood by your criminal records is by clearly stating of them, if and when you are asked. If you have to fill up a form seeking employment, speak about the violation and be specific about the crime committed as well as the sentence you had to carry out. That would be a great way of alleviating the tension and building friendship and faith between you and your employer.

How To Survive Background Checks

In the world, we are living in today; background checks are a part of recruitment procedures. Before you are assimilated into an organisation as an employee, the organisation does a thorough check up of your background. The main reason for incorporation of this in recruitment procedures is the rise of criminal activities taking places in organisation, which would have been avoided, if the organisation had learnt that the person they were hiring had a criminal background.

Early in the days, the only people who were subjected to background checks were only employees who held crucial positions in the organisation, positions that required trust and utmost good faith. Examples of these positions were; cashiers, top management, production expert and any other position that made have access to the organisations crucial information. Today, with the changes in how organizations work, everyone is every important to the organisation starting from the gatekeeper and cleaner to the messenger. For this reason, everyone, before joining the organisation, is subject to this background scrutiny.

There only legal and simple ways of surviving background checks are keeping yourself out of trouble to avoid your names getting into criminal records. The other way is by, through a court of law, requiring that your name be expunged from the records if it was placed there through a court proceeding that you were later cleared by the court as innocent.

The first step is planning. You do not want your potential employer to be the one informing you of your name being in the list of criminal records. This will obviously baffle you. To avoid this, it is advisable, before you start sending resumes, to visit court clerk’s office to get your criminal record. This will tell you if your name is among the names of criminals in the country. After getting the copy, you can now start on the expungement procedures by filling an expungement form, which can be provided by the court clerk office.

Background checks does not only involve your potential employee communicating with the authorities, it involves him or her communicating with other parties like references you have put in the resume and the your previous employers. If you problem is related to the employer, make sure you talk with him and clear the issue. You can be sure that your employer to be would want to hear about you from your former employer.

Criminal Records Differ from Country to Country

Criminal records form an integral part for obtaining security clearances no matter the level of access. In order to ensure public safety some countries and states may request high risk professions to be screened. For instance all hospital staff, volunteers, school staff, healthcare students, healthcare professionals and childcare staff have to undergo a CRC which is a requirement by law.

For example pardon in Canada is delegated by the National Parole Board or the Governor General or by the Federal Government and under the criminal records act will be determined by the crime committed. Other countries such as Hong Kong all criminal records are held by the Police Force. As opposed to other countries the authorities of Hong Kong do not allow employers or schools to access criminal records.

Any offenses committed in Hong Kong can only be pardoned by the Chief Executive of Hong Kong. The Chief Executive exercises the functions and powers to pardon people that have commuted their penalties or were convicted of a criminal offense. Regardless of time or seriousness of the offense criminal records are not purged.

If it was the persons first criminal offense or the jail sentence was less than three months or if the person was issued a fine of less that ten thousand dollars the criminal record is considered spent within a period of three years has passed since the conviction and that no other convictions were committed by the person in question. This law falls under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Ordinance.

However, there is an exception with regards to spent records such as those attempting to register as an accountant, insurance broker, barrister or solicitor. Criminal records will not be regarded as spent when a person has a criminal record and is applying to become a trustee for a Provident Fund or employee, executive or bank controller. Hong Kong has it own jurisdiction and set of laws pertaining to criminal records and people with such records are given protection under this law.

In addition those that plan to travel or immigrate or adopt kids can apply for a certificate of no criminal conviction. Such certification is issued to a government agency or the consulate but no to the person requesting it. So it is not true that one can obtain criminal records freely or online for that matter, even if an employer is running a check on a potential employee.


Carry out background checks safely online, and hire safely from now on. For more information click right now.

Are You Confused About The Classifications Of Public Records?

Not everyone understands how public records work and how they are classified. Just when you think something is public and you can view it this information actually falls under the private classification. When it is considered private you will need the person in question to sign a form saying they agree for you to look at the information.

Every state has their own laws about what public records are. The states also decide under what classification the information will be listed under. To take things a step farther there is a Freedom of Information Act in place that says what is considered public information. Everyone will be able to see information that pertains to records on real estate, if the person is a sex offender, spending reports with the government, any legislation minutes, information considered consumer protection, licenses whether professional or for a business, any court dockets, and census records.

Criminal records are one of the top searches. These records have information that is personal about your criminal history. They show most traffic violations, if there has been any treason conducted, and even if the person was charged with something like murder. When applying for jobs, purchasing a home, or even if a recruitment agency has approached you these people will look at your criminal records before moving forward. This not only tells a potential employer what kind of person you are but, it tells lenders what kind of credibility you have.

Real estate appraisal is also considered public records for everyone to view. These tell what the property is worth. When an appraisal is done on property the person is a certified appraiser that has a license. They know the laws and the different things that need to be taken into consideration before saying what the property is worth.

Authorities rely on sex offender records. Even though these are public records they are capable of letting the police keep track of a person. It states where the person is living along with what kind of activities they might be doing. If the person has restrictions then this will also be shown.

So, the next time you are conducting a public records search think about the different locations where the information can be found. This will help you with the different classifications that are in place. If you are looking into a potential employee then it would be best to conduct a background check. With a little patience any information that you are seeking can be found on the Internet. Most of the information is free but sometimes there might be a small fee that is required. The fee helps maintain the websites so you will always have a place to turn to when needing information right now!

You Can Now Obtain Orphans Court Records Online.

Currently online court records have opened a wide field for those searching for people records such as births, deaths, marriages, driving records, adoptions, criminal records and other records. You could get these kinds of information and records with some money invested. Currently just about all the online agencies charge an annual fee to their members. However, this fee is really nominal, and when subscribing to any of these record agencies, you need to make sure that the agency offers security as well as confidentiality. Make sure the record agency is reputable and authentic and delivers so that you could assure the results you get are accurate and lawful.

Before signing up with an agency read all the customer reports as this will give you a good indication of how good the court records agency is. Let’s discuss orphans records such as the sailor’s orphans which are merely county or family courts that deal custody cases, adoptions and guardianships. There are still many states that have an orphan’s court which are responsible for a number of family related cases which are handled mainly by genealogists. This type of court handles cares and protects orphans.

Orphans have always been considered as children without parents or are fatherless. For example if a husband died the women a few decades back were restricted from owning property, and due to that factor did not have the resources to look after a child or children. In such an instance the US law would divide the property among the children and only give the widow a third of the share. If the children were very young a guardian would be appointed to safeguard the male child’s inherited property. In the case of a child being 14 years or older they could appoint a guardian.

One can still find court records from the original orphans court which dates back to the 17th century in the UK which protected the rights of any minor children whose Dad had died. This same protection was offered in the USA which the settlers brought with them as they set up courts to provide the same protection as was in the UK. Even in spite of controversy the general structure rooted the judicial system in the country.

These court records are of particular interest to genealogists as there is a whole history of such cases. The records contain the family name and on occasions may also include the mother’s maiden name. In some instances the child’s parents were both living and the child inherited the house from their grandparents in which case the father would be appointed the guardian. All in all, people could get court records on the Internet about almost all other people, even information of orphans could be gained at the present times easily since there are special arrangement for these records to be stored and maintained.

What Are The Best Sources Of Criminal Records?

Criminal records are the main source of information to be used to assess a candidate before into entering into an employment or loan contract. The main reason that makes these records the most important of all other sources is the magnitude of losses that are likely to occur when a wrong assessment is done in terms of a customer’s criminal record. Both contracts of lending and employment are contracts of trust and for you to be able to trust the candidate you need to have accurate and complete information about them.

Being the most important records in assessment of a candidate, criminal records need to be from a reliable source. Wrong or inaccurate information might lead to more losses. Today, there are a number of sources that readily provide you with this crucial information. Most of them offer at a fee while others offer freely. Although cost of information is a factor, quality is superior factor that should supersede the others. The major sources of this information are court clerk’s offices, law firms and other specialized firms either online or physical.

Court clerks can be said to be the most reliable and accessible source of criminal records. All you need to visit the office and ask for the candidate’s records and in no time, you will be provided with the most accurate information about the candidate. This information is gotten from the court records. The best thing about this source is that an individual can go get the information before hand in preparation of the contract. If they find their name wrongly included in the list of criminals, they can apply for expungement by filling a form at the clerk’s office.

Laws firms are almost similar, in operation regarding criminal records, to court clerks. The information provided is reliable and can be used confidently. Another source is specialized firms, firms that provide this information to parties at a fee. Most of these firms have developed websites to make sure there services are easily accessible from any corner of the world. Reliability of the information they provide highly depends on that particular firm. There are firms that are out there to milk money out of ignorant citizens; they provide cooked or guessed information without caring about the consequences of reliance on the same. There are, however, firms that will provide you with accurate information; information that can be reliably used for decision making.

People Search Makes You Find Old Friends and Family

Do you know, thanks to the advent of the internet and other sources, doing a quick people search have become very easy? A lot of times, when children are adopted, they tend to try and find out their birth families, to have an understanding of their background and from where they come. To that extent, they often enough look their hometown and other details on the net and succinctly find out about their past. That is why it is so important to have a facility like this, to make sure you keep in touch.

How do you Search for People?

When you are looking for a friend who has been lost to you for a while, you might try doing an online search to find him or her. Now, there are many parameters which can be applied while doing this kind of people search. Some choose to just put in the name, if the name is uncommon enough, but most others put in more specific details, like birth date, hometown, school attended, school leaving batch, and other minor details which can effectively find the person out.

A lot of times, we might move from place to place, and make new friends, and get reacquainted with old ones. This is majorly facilitated by people search, where to find out about a person, or a name, you have to type in the name and the location of the individual. A lot of times, when people move away, they can be found through their hometown, by doing a hometown search, as well as a family search. When you are not quite sure of the hometown, or profession, you can do a school based search, if you know about the school he or she went to.

How to React to a People Search

Sometimes, you might be on the receiving end of a people search. Your friend from high school just did a search on you, and found you through the net. Do not feel threatened, or vilified. Examine why the person wants to get in touch with you, and conduct a friendly conversation to reintroduce yourself. A civil tongue and polite attitude will save you a lot of grief, and if you really are not interested in being reacquainted, send the person a simple refusal, preferably with a polite note, stating the reason why you are not interested in being reacquainted. That would be a great way of handling the matter to the best effect.

Conducting a People Search will lead to their Criminal Records

If you have a new neighbor moving on your block and you know their first and last name you can conduct a people search. It can be done secretly over the Internet from the comfort of the couch. It will also tell if they have any criminal records on file.

When there are children living in the neighborhood the last thing anyone wants is a criminal moving in that could harm the children. The Internet has opened up doors to the public that once were not viewable by anyone but law enforcement. These open doors can now show you just about anything you would like to know about a person.

A good place to start your search at is the local courthouse. No you do not have to go there and dig through piles of paper. Most courthouses are now located on line and have made the website user friendly so you can move around like a pro. Most will have a public search link that you just click on. Then type the last name of the person and hit enter. When the screen comes up it will have everyone listed with that same last name that has been convicted of a crime in that courthouse. Find their first name and you can see their date of birth, what sex they are, and a case number. Just click the case number and now you can see what they were charged with, what year they were charged and how they pled.

Another good place to obtain criminal records is with the Department of Corrections. There is one listed for every state in the U.S. Just click the offender link where you will be directed to an inquiry page. Here you list all the information that is known about the person in question then hit enter and wait for the results. It will quickly search the database and display any results for you to look at.

A people search for criminal records will put your mind to ease when you can learn more about the person in question. If they are a sex offender then the neighborhood needs to know about it especially when there are young kids and women living in the neighborhood. These records are in place for the public to view at anytime. They are not however there to be abused with the information that was obtained. Do a quick search and see what you can learn today.

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